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By | November 9, 2019


Online pension system

Download Project On Online Pension System free Here I will give a brief description of Project On Online Pension System. Here we give you the complete project on the online pension system, including the documentation part. These projects can be used for your semester exams. This does not mean that we give you an Online Pension System Project already done. Our intention is to help you with the project in the online pension system. We help you explain your Project about the online pension system to your guide. We make sure that customers can also use the Project on the online pension system in which they have worked with us. This project in the online pension system can be done in several languages ​​such as PHP,, java,, etc.

There are several types of users for the project in the online pension system,

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Each user has different rights established by the administrator or developer. We give the free download link for students, this project can be customized with the appropriate guidance, which will be an expert in these languages. Below is a brief description of the Project in the online pension system.

Retirees face problems when applying for a pension since they need to fill out any forms to apply for it, they can not obtain the status of the pension offered and they do not need any further assistance. Pension issues related to central governments are dealt with by the respective state governments. Pension matters for the government of India are treated separately for defense, railroads, mail, telephone communications, and civil employees.

The system “Cash assistance for sick and elderly people”, which is a pension granted by the central government to Employees, consists of happily surviving the rest of their lives without any physical or mental burden.

This system should provide the employee with the possibility of knowing the status of the pension application, whether the request is with the Head of the Department (HOD), the Payments and Accountants Officer (PAO) or with the Central Payment Officer and Accountants (CPAO). After retirement, he/she can know the financial support offered. It has the functionality to raise complaints and track the status of that. Through this system, the retiree can receive help online, as well as obtain solutions for inquiries from other retirees or a higher authority.



All employees registered with this system can see their monthly/annual account status for the pension along with the state. It has the functionality to raise complaints and track the status of that. Individual communication by mail to everyone.


Eligible employees of the central government can apply for the pension.
The employee can track the status of your request
Maintain the details of the pensioner as the PPO number, monthly pensions offered.
The PPO number is sent to the pensioner by mail.
Maintain a list of banks
The employee can know the financial assistance offered.
Employees have a range of online help.
Keep the update given by the government.
Provide service as mail and correspondence.
Maintains information about the new schemes.
It keeps all the details such as email address, personal address, telephone number of the pensioner.
Maintains the complete history of the retiree.
Maintain the bank details of the pensioner.
The internal calculations are transparent for the pensioner.
Maintain the stages of processing the pension.
Definition, Acronyms, Abbreviations

PPO – Pension payment order

PAO – Pay & Account Office

CPAO – Central Office of Pension Accounting

SSA – Special seal authority

PSB – Public Sector Bank

SMS – Short message service

NIC – Network Information Center

DDO – Drawing and Disbursement Officer.

RBI – Reserve bank of India

DMS – Monthly data account

GAD – Department of government accounts.

AG – General Accountant

 – Authorized bank

LB – link branch

PB – Payment branch

EOL – Extraordinary leaves

LTC – leave travel concession


The pension is admissible for permanent employees who retire or retire with a qualified service of not less than ten years.


Pay & Account Officer prepares the pension and the issuance of the pension payment order (PPO) / amendment authority for the revision of the pension and resubmits it to CPAO for those employees who choose to obtain the pension of the pension. disbursement authority.


The Central Office of Pension Accounting issues a Special Seal Authority for the corresponding branch of PSB.


Maintenance of public sector banks. Prescribed records and transmission to the payment branch of which the pensioner chose to collect the pension.

The branch that pays to pay pensions


This is the request in which all employees of the central government can request a pension; could be any pension such as retirement, invalid pension, etc. and they can see their monthly/annual financial status that is offered and they can see their status of the application and they can also be online. Help to communicate with all pensioners and superior authority.

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