Online Course Registration System in PHP Full Project With Database | Get Free Source Code

By | November 9, 2019

This undertaking went for making an Online Course Registration System which could be utilized in a University framework.

Undertaking Description

The framework gives an ongoing, finish stage for online course enlistment at a University.

There are two kinds of clients for this framework administrator and understudies. In light of their client part put away in the database, clients can get to their separate assets.

Understudy Privileges :

View right now enlisted courses

View courses are taken before

Add courses to Cart

Erase courses from Cart

Enroll Courses

Drop Courses

View course plan for the present semester

Administrator Privileges :

View all courses offered by the University

Add new courses to the list

Expel courses from the list

Enlist courses for a specific client

Drop courses for a specific client

Innovations Used: PHP, Jquery, Ajax, Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Mysql, MAMP

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