Mobile Net Banking in Java 2019 | complete Project Download free Source Code

By | November 9, 2019

Mobile Net Banking in Java: in today’s world, everyone wants to complete their work as soon as possible. Before, in banks, people usually go to the bank, pick up the token and wait for their turn. This consumed more time. Now the people of one day expect everything to be done from their mobile. This is a mobile banking software in which the entire transaction can be made from the mobile itself. The user can transfer the amount of an account to the account of other users. These things will be done only in a few clicks with the appropriate username and password. These transactions are safe, have appropriate values.

There are many modules included in this project, this is one of the best projects for students for their academic year. To use this project first, you must find the user name and password of the software. Once you log in you can see the menus in the menu strip. Where you can find all the teachers, you must first fill in those teachers, for example, enter all the country names in the master country. Later the names of the city. in the same way many other teachers will be shown there. then you will find the input screens for transactions and the other required forms. Each time you enter an entry screen, it will be stored in the database. When you want to find the history of these records you enter, you can find them in the reports menu. you just have to select what type of report you are requesting and you need to filter them.

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