Load management system

By | November 9, 2019

The project is developed in Php and has the MySql database. The scope of this software is to handle the entire cargo business and it is also used for the calculation and generation of reports. This software is used only by a person. He enters the name of the entire company that wishes to send his articles to another port or to another country. There are different distributors that do the shipping work. Different quotes are specified. When a client wishes to send a package to another port, the quotation from different distributors is sent first. He can approve or reject it. If you choose an offer from distributors, that particular distributor is sent a message regarding this customer. The software stores the package details that the client wishes to send. The name of the package, the color of the package, the weight, the number of packages or containers, the port of origin and the port of destination. During the shipment according to the information provided by the different clients, all the packages are loaded and sent. The number of packages is recorded in the software and the same report is delivered to the users of the destination port.

When the packets arrive at the destination port, the user of the destination port verifies if all the packets are present and have been reached in a secure manner. If so, the customer packages are divided again and sent to their destination, either by ship or by road transport. When the packets have reached their final address, a notification is sent to the user of the source port. This user sends an email to the client he had sent. After re-verification, the customer must pay the shipping amount to the cargo administration. You can pay in cash or with a card. After the amount received, according to the quote, the amount will be shared with the distributors.

This is just an example code. If you like the software, you will be sent the original codes after paying. Our team will help you with the training.

Cargo management system

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL Server

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