Join Pak Navy through Short Service Commission 2021

By | December 9, 2020

Join Pak Navy through Short Service Commission 2021

How to join Pak navy jobs as a professional officer through short commission?

Joining the armed forces is a dream for every Pakistani youngster.  It is the time to join the Pak Navy as the short commission courses for a professional officer are open for the year 2021 in Pak Navy.

Do not worry; we have come up with authentic information about the eligibility criteria and the deadline for these jobs. Keep on reading to find more.

There are several tests, and unlike the standard selection criteria, the armed forces selection is quite strict. The applicants need to pass all the eligibility tests to secure a position as a professional officer in the armed forces.

Types of branch officers in the Pakistan navy.

Pakistan Navy is an expanded state department dedicated to securing the southern and south-west borders of Pakistan. For the professional office jobs, the applicants can apply for the following branch officers.

·       Operational branch.

It is the main branch of every armed force. Applicants here will be working on borders or with active soldiers as technical support. It is one of the pillar branches of the Pak Navy.

·       Mechanical branch.

The technical branch comprises of all the mechanical engineers working for the Pak Navy. Trained according to the criteria of the armed forces of Pakistan.

·       Logistic branch.

The heads of transport and logistic controls all the movement and exchange of arms of the Navy. The logistic branch deals with all such affairs of purchasing arms and transporting them.

Branches of Pak Navy under short commission.

If you want to become a part of the Pak Navy through the short commission, you must fall for the following branches’ basic eligibility criteria.

  • The education branches.
  • Special branch of software engineers/IT professionals.
  • Law branch of Navy.

How to get a job in Pak Navy for the education branch through short commission?

Do you want to serve the nation by educating future lieutenants and commanders? Join the armed forces education branch and serve. However, to join it, the candidates need to pass the following criteria.

How to apply for the Pak Navy professional officers’ job through short commission?  

Get the application form from a nearby Navy recruitment and selection center. Take the following documents with you.

  • Degree sheets.
  • NIC
  • Three attested photos.
  • Postal order of 200 PKR.

The selection procedure.

  • The entrance test, also known as the intelligence test.
  • Medical test.
  • Preliminary interview by ISSB, after clearing the entrance test.

For each branch offering a short commission, the following criteria are defined by the state development.

Eligibility criteria for the education branch Navy.

  • Both male and female citizens are eligible to apply.
  • The maximum age is 28.
  • Height must be 5 feet 4 inches minimum.
  • Qualification is MA, MPhil, in physics, English, Urdu, Math, Chemistry, Psychology, and Islamic studies. Passed at least with a second division.

Eligibility criteria for the special branch in Pak Navy as Computer programmers through short commission.

  • Any male or female citizens of Pakistan.
  • Age limit 20 to 35 years.
  • Minimum height 5 feet 4 inches.
  • Qualifications Must be a master’s degree in computer Sci, IT, software engineering, and computer technology.

Eligibility criteria for the law branch of Pakistan Navy.

  • Male and Female citizens of Pakistan.
  • Age limit 25 to 40 years.
  • Height must not be less than5 feet four inches.
  • A practicing member of a Bar.
  • Must have a law degree from a recognized university.

Ineligibility conditions

  • Rejected twice by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ. The third chance is only for the candidates with a PhD.
  • Permanently declared unfit by the medical board.
  • Withdrawn from a training academy.
  • Convicted in a court of law for a crime.
  • Anyone providing wrong information will be dispelled.
  • Someone married to a foreign national is ineligible for the armed forces.

Important tips for applying for the professional officers in Pak Navy.

  • Always apply with the declared and legal application forms by the armed forces.
  • Do not apply with an incomplete application.
  • Applicants holding or claiming antedate seniority must attach a letter of seniority and experience by the institute.
  • Always apply after confirming it through newspapers advertisement.

How to Apply

To Join Pak Navy through Short Service Commission, you need to visit the link mentioned below.

Click Here for Online Registration

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Applying for the armed forces in Pakistan is a long process. To successfully attain a position there, it is better to follow the tips and required details correctly. Otherwise, it may end in the cancellation of your application.